My life for 20 years as a human being

the product of 20 years of living in a world full of Mystery..

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Good old days in the Seminary.. nasa likod ako eh.. haha..

My Love Letter to My beloved..

Dear Aiks,

        It seems odd to start a letter with Dear rather than my Love, Sweetheart or Princess. My life has certainly taken quite a turn.

Though we have been apart these seven months, I always believed that life would bring us back together. That hope was a comfort and gave me patience to wait for that future. As time passed, it is pretty clear that you have drifted further and further away from me. I guess it is finally time for me to acknowledge, to you and myself that our futures will take different paths..

My hope that destiny would bring us together meant that I never really have to say goodbye. Although it saddens me a lot, I think it is really time for me to say goodbye to you.

Your entry into my life 11 years ago since we were elementary, breathed life into me. It gave me an excitement for each new day and everytime that i would see you.. In all of life, i have never really felt so at peace as when i was with you. i feel happy by the beauty of your smile, bewitched by the twinkle of your eyes and overcome by the passion of your embraces. You certainly had an affect on me.

There will always be a place in my heart that you will be fondly, fondly remembered, but it is now time for me to seek my own future.

I wish you the brightest future and I hope you find all that you are looking for…..

           With all my Love,


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My Weird life.. haha..

Just like normal people. i live in a world full of joy, happiness, and mysteries that remain unsolved up to this day. 

My name is Christopher Matthew Sta. Ana Llorente, I was born into a family of 6 in which I am the eldest. Originally we lived in Sampaloc Manila, but after my 2nd sibling was born, we transferred to Pasig. We are a middle class family, in which my father Cesar was a native of Negros Occidental, a Electrical/Computer Engineer and a professor at De La Salle University, then my mother Marissa came from a rich family of musician breed, now a chemist and also a professor at Don Bosco Technical College. We live in a small neighborhood in Pasig, in which our street was composed of Don Bosco employees who were offered houses there owned by the school.

I had a happy childhood, just like other children who had a lot of playmates especially in the afternoon. During my pre-school years I was enrolled at UP Diliman and there I finished my kindergarten. Then my prep-grade 2, I studied at Don Bosco Manila-Sta.Mesa. But Grades 3-4 I had asthma because of car smokes, so I studied at Little Lambs Learning Center in Pasig which is near to our house. Then during those years in Little Lambs, I met the person who would play a major part in my life and would be a major factor in my future. Her name was Aiko, she was the most beautiful being that I ever saw. Throughout my entire life. She was my childhood friend, classmate, seatmate. And my super crush. And it was these years I will never forget, we would play side by side every recess, and lunch times. Play chess together, dream together, dance together.. Then on our christmas party I gave her a gift which is a figurine, and that would be my remembrance before I leave, for we will lose contact for the next 5 years. Because the following year, I would transfer again to Don Bosco Technical College Mandaluyong because, that school is renowned for its dual Academic-Technical Curriculum, and Private all boys school. And there in Don Bosco, I never regretted to study there. In my highschool years I was a Electronics Major, because in Don Bosco each student have their own specialization, either Computer Technology, Industrial Drafting, Electronics, Industrial Electricity, and Mechanical Technology. I learned how fix a simple cellphone charger, how to make transformers, and even assemble am/fm radioes. I was also a member of the Don Bosco Teakwondo Team for 8 years until now. Won a number of medals in the PRADA, NCAA, and National competitions. Then during my 1st college year in DBTC, I joined the Chess Varsity team, just to enhance my thinking abilities. Apparently I won in a Inter-Don Bosco Competition 1st place. But despite all these achievements I had a lot of problems, regarding myself. I had vices, specifically computer addiction. Even now, I still haven’t overcome that flaw. I don’t know what is really my path, which road I should take,I’m so confused.

That’s why on the 27 May 2009 I entered the seminary. To discern on what role I will be in the future. But before I entered the seminary, my childhood friend and I crossed paths once again before 4th year graduation. We found contact through the use of friendster, with the help of her aunt. And during those times, I was once again filled with excitement and joy because of this. I courted her for a total of nearly 1 year. We would exchange letters together, even though we just lived here in Manila. We said to ourselves that I would be more sentimental and letters can be treasured forever. We would seldom text, instead letters are the thing for us.. But one day she went unusual, she would avoid me every time I want to talk to her. Only to find out “napagalitan na pla”.. She was so aftaid of her lola, that she told me that we are still young and maybe in the future I would find someone better. These words devastated me. That I chose to be single for the rest of my years, and rather serve God until the end.. being in an Catholic school run by Salesian Priests was a great influence in my entrance to the seminary. I think because of the different problems that I had. I chose to enter the seminary, and someday serve the Lord of the harvest with my whole life. Entering the seminary is not a easy thing. We had to detach ourselves from the world outside. Live differently, your time is not in your hands, instead they are in the hands of our Father Rector and Superiors. I also cut myself from my connections with Aiko, from cellphone, to friendster, facebook. Everything I severed my connections with her, for I wanted to start a new life, forget the past. She would not know that I entered the seminary in Canlubang Laguna but to learn only a week after from a friend of mine. There in the seminary I feel so contented with everything I had, I feel like being in the perfect place that I had ever been. We ate 5 times a day, we would play soccer everyday, teach catechism. And speaking of catechism, I was assigned to Don Bosco Caritas in Sta.Rosa Laguna, and this school was owned by Japanese nuns of Miyazaki which was also under the Salesian Family of Don Bosco. I was assigned at the Auxillium society which focuses on Marian devotion, or Devotion to Mary. Then at the Seminary I learned how to play the violin, because in the seminary every seminarian is assigned a specific instrument which they have to master. And me I was assigned to learn the violin. I don’t know if divine providence intervened for it was my dream instrument since childhood. Our maestro was ma’am Bobet, she was a long time member of the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra, but now retired and was devoted to church activities, and she was also a great benefactor of the seminary. And everything that I had achieved in music, I owe all that to her. Currently I won the 1st place in the violin competition in RTU University Week, played in a number of debuts, and I am now a instrumentalist in the 3:30pm mass here in our parish. I learned how to speak Latin, for it is a must for every seminarian to learn it, because our rosary every friday night is delivered in Latin. Then on September 5, 2009 a very unexpected thing happened at past 12:30pm. A co-seminarian was looking for me, and when I asked him what it is, he gave me a letter, sent through LBC, looking at the name of the sender: Aiko M. Nakayama. Looking at it gave me shivers in my spine. For it has been more than 3 months and my mind is focused on committing to my chosen vocation and path. And I don’t know why God has to send me that kind of shockwave. It really shook me. The contents of the letters was mainly focused on her sickness. She told me that she was diagnosed of Tuberculosis, and mild scoliosis. And reading those really gave me a nightmare. For I do not know what step would I do first. Then asked for spiritual direction from my Rector, and he advised me not to disregard the letter but instead entertain it. So I replied, and the following months I we exchanged letters, but of course with the guidance of my superiors. And in the end.. after months of struggling.. I decided to leave the seminary.. for the final decision came from the advice of Fr. Pepe Reinoso. A Spanish Salesian the Rector/Priest in Don Bosco Paranaque Center of Studies. So after 7 months of discerning, I left the seminary at April 4, 2010 after playing soccer, my brother and mother fetched me.. and after that my New life here outside is still taking shape..

To be Continued…